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    Welcome to Shanghai Bojing Chemical Co., Ltd.
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      Shanghai Bojing Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      Domestic contact:Manager Yin
      Mobile:+86-13681836088                           +86-18930309966
      Foreign contact:Manager Zhang

    About us

          Shanghai Bojing Chemical Co., Ltd.is a collection enterprise which integrates production, R &D and management. It is a branch of Shanghai Minnan Chemical Factory. The enterprise is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai. It mainly manages the fined chemicals, pharmaceutical, and pesticides intermediates, chemical solvents, dyes additives, natural or compounding edible essence and so on. The enterprise is based on the most advanced technology and tries its best to develop the most latest technology both in domestic or abroad and sticks to improving the production arts. It owns strong new products develop ability and the products enjoy great acknowledgement among the customers. The principle of the enterprise is “ superior quality, reasonable price and great service” . The enterprise will stick to the philosophy to face to the market. It would like to build long time mutual-reliable, mutual benefit and stable cooperation relationship to be hand in hand to seek mutual benefit and development.